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15.01.2011 The Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi and ArtèFoto – International Festival of Photojournalism of the province of Ancona are pleased to present the first edition of the World.Report Award 2011 | Premio Italiano di Fotogiornalismo.

Two emerging independent festivals that have come to the attention of the public thanks to the quality level and the international dimension of the guests present in the previous editions. Our goal is to support a quality photojournalism that tells compelling social, political and cultural stories that do not receive enough attention from the media, especially in Italy. Our goal is to provide support to all the photographers that despite considerable personal and financial sacrifices keep on witnessing what is happening in the world.

The cash award of € 3.000 is intended as a support for the photographers who are committed in this difficult area of photography that brings people's stories to the general public's attention. The winning reportage will be exhibited during the two festivals as an integral part of the 2011 editions.


Mirella 71 years old.
She spent 43 years of her life with the only person loved, 43 years of sharing difficulties, laughs and beautiful moments; a family, a house, values handed down. Since few years her days are cyclic, monotonous because of her husband's illness, anyway she tries to look forward with devotion, strength and love… as long as there is life there is hope… even if memories are slowly wasted day by day relentlessly.

Mirella is the love story of a woman for her husband, woman suddenly forced to face on her own the biggest difficulty experienced in her life, made by hopes and unbelief, pain and resignation, sorrow and powerlessness.

There are 35.6 million people living with dementia worldwide these days.
With the numbers nearly doubling every 20 years, to 65.7 million in 2030 and 115.4 million in 2050. The countries more afflicted are: China, India and Latin America. 58% of all people with dementia worldwide live in low and middle income countries, rising to 71% by 2050.

Dementia mainly affects older people, although there is a growing awareness of cases that start before the age of 65. After age 65, the likelihood of developing dementia roughly doubles every five years.

People affected with dementia, their families and friends are affected on personal, emotional, financial and social levels. Lack of awareness is a global problem. A proper understanding of the social costs of dementia, and how these impact upon families, health and social care services and governments, may help to address this problem.

It is vital that governments and policy makers across the world recognize that the cost of dementia will continue to increase at an alarming rate and we must work to improve care and support services, treatment and research into dementia in all regions of the world. (World Alzheimer Report 2010)


Fausto PodaviniBorn in Roma in 1973, specializes today in reportage photography after completing a course held by famous photographer Dario De Dominicis as well as several workshops realized by artists such as Francesco Cito.
He specialized at first in studio photography in cooperation with Antonio Arminio; he then moved towards a more socially oriented photography, also following his participation in the Officine Fotografiche. He also obtained a photography Master's degree at John Kaverdash Academy of Photography in Milan. He contributed with his work to the 2006 and 2008 edition of Fotoleggendo exhibition , displaying works such as Ostinese25 and [IM]POSSIBLE, which are both expressions of his personal commitment in the social field. The OSTIENSE25 reportage was also showcased as part of the International Photography Festival in Rome in 2007. He is not only passionate of Social Reportage but is also keen on Ethnographic photography; for this reason he attends various religious and public events in order to catch local tradition. Currently he collaborates with the Photography Collective WISP teaching photography: theory and laboratory.

Prizes and distinctions
- First Prize "Monopoli di Stato" photographic contest , section Portrait.
- Second Prize "Città di Cusano Milanino" National photographic contest, photographic work prized: "playnostation".
- Special Mention " Monteriggioni– Middle Age" National photographic contest.
- 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes Orvieto Fotografia 2009 – FIOF Professional Photography Awards section Reportage.
- 4 Bronzes Orvieto Fotografia 2009 – FIOF Professional Photography Awards section Reportage.
- First Prize National Geographic Italia 2009 section "PEOPLE".
- Second Prize National Geographic International 2009.
- First Prize Contest Photoaid 2010.
- First Prize "Portfolio dell'Ariosto" 10°edition 2010, photographic week in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (LU).
- Award 2011 winner.

"Natal de Cuba" on Witness Journal.

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