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ArtèFoto Festival is not about Art Photography. The name ArtèFoto was generated by the question "what is art". In times when the terms "artist" or "artistic" are greatly, and often incorrectly, abused, it seems only right to underline that for us the so called artistic pictures are those that come from photojournalism, those capable to move and make us think. Therefore ArtèFoto has decided to give priority to all those reportages that are still able to surprise us and to those photographers who, in most cases, have never been exhibited in Italy and choose our festival as a preview.


João Silva - Photojournalist
João Silva, 44, a South African photographer on contract with The New York Times, stepped on a mine while accompanying American soldiers patrolling an area near the town of Arghandab in southern Afghanistan on October 23rd, 2010. Despite immediate help from medics, both his legs were lost below the knees.
We feel like publishing this message on our homepage to thank João for his work because too often in Italy a photojournalist is seen as a paparazzo.


02.06.2011 - Roll up folks!
Although it seemed unlikely to put together the 4th edition of ArtèFoto, we've eventually made it!
This year edition will be different from the previous ones. More that ever we need your help to promote our event... please use all your channels such as facebook, word of mouth, emails, horns... whatever!
We speak to all the people who in the past asked us how they could help, all the people who have loved ArtèFoto and have become regulars of this yearly cultural appointment... please please please spread out the word as this year you won't be seeing any posters or flyers around... no money! Just your and our word of mouth and all the news around our web site and social networks.

17.05.2011 - Comunicato Stampa - Press Release

27.04.2011 - It just reached its end the first edition of World.Report Award | Premio Italiano di Fotogiornalismo that saw the participation of international photographers with more than 240 projects from all over the World; this allowed the Award to have since the very beginning a high level of quality. An important thanks must be given to all the photographic agencies, photography associations, photography schools and everyone who helped in allowing the news of this newborn award to be spread widely. Also thanks to all the photographers who took part with their projects and though this award was a place to confront themselves. The jury, composed by staff members of the Festival of Ethical Photography and ArtèFoto Festival and with the collaboration of Sandro Iovine, director of the photography magazine "Il Fotografo", decides to assign the first award to Fausto Podavini with his project MI RE l LA. The jury believes that this work deserves the award as it has been able to use photography to communicate in a great way and to tell a delicate and personal story making it universal and close to all of us. The author has been able to communicate emotions and information completely and intimately. The deep, precise and close relation within the single images reached an extremely high level of communication as a whole and unique story, putting together with grace the quality of every single image with the sense of the story and of the reportage, which this project represents in a great way.

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ArtèFoto is an idea and project by Angeliribelli Lab cultural association. As the Festival has grown through the years, we have decided to enlarge our group and create a collective of people and professionals linked by the passion for photography and culture. ArtèFoto collective is composed of event promoters and organizers, photojournalists, journalists, graphic designers, translators, scaffolders, video-makers, DJs, and musicians. Our goal is to organize multidisciplinary events in relation to photojournalism.

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