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28th May - 6th June 2010

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Bangladesh, standing on the edge

Bangladesh, standing on the edge
Munem Wasif
VU' - Paris

Montecarotto - Mail Art Museum

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Munem Wasif is a documentary photographer born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1983. A graduate of Pathsala - the South Asian Institute of Photography, Wasif started his journalistic career as a staff photographer for the Daily Star, a leading English daily of Bangladesh. He now works with DrikNEWS (International news photo agency) as a staff photographer.

Wasif's prime area of interest revolves around socio-political documentaries. His photographs have been published in numerous national and international publications including Le Monde, Himal Southasian, Asian Geographic, Issue Magazine, Zonezero, Forum, Daily Star...

In 2007 Wasif was selected for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass in the Netherlands. He won and "Honorable Mention" in the 2007 All Roads Photography Program by the National Geographic Society, First prize in the Konkurs Fotografii Prasowej, and Second Prize in the 2007 Polish BZ WBK Press Foto Contest for his extensive work on tea garden workers. He has additionally won two bronze prizes in the Daily Life and Arts and Entertainment category of China International Press Photo.

Bangladesh, standing on the edge
Munem Wasif's documentary photography looks at people at the margins of society, left by the wayside, ignored, forgotten or oppressed. His topics range from migration to climate change to urban life. In this exhibition, Munem Wasif has taken on serious issus in his native Bangladesh and exposed them to the world. These are critical subjects that dare audiences to pause and face difficult moments. The Burmese regime, near the border with Bangladesh, makes the Rohingyas suffer untold atrocities and deprives them of citizenship rights in their native country. In Bangladesh, Rohingyas refugees survive in inhumane conditions; unwanted by the brutal Burmese junta, they are caught in a permanent no man's land. Bangladesh, wih a population of 140 million, packed into an area smaller than the American state of Wisconsin, is one of the first victim of climate change. The people are at the mercy of nature, some live with the memory of losing their grip on the hand of a child washed away, by a tidal wave caused by cyclone Sidr. Once happy villagers leading a peaceful rural life, have turned into mere statistics as "climate refugees".

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La Vida Loca

Sunday 30th May
9.30 pm
Free admission
Teatro Beniamino Gigli

Due to the great demand and as a tribute to Christian Poveda, ArtèFoto will screen once again the film "La vida loca".

On 30th September 2009 in France was screened in the cinemas the movie "La Vida Loca" by Christian Poveda. We invite all the Italian film festivals and/or single associations that may be interested in showing and/or distributing this shocking documentary to get in touch with us.