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Newsletter 30nd October 2008

From 3th to 28th November @ Pop Solid (Milan | Italy): ArtèFoto Festival, the first Italian photojournalism Festival, will be hosted in Milan by Pop Solid (Via Varese 12 - Metro Moscowa - 8am/5pm - monday/friday - ph: 02.36550698) with a mini exhibition of 7 pictures shown during the 2008 edition. The images offered by the photographers are already available to be purchased online. The proceeds of the sale will constitute the ArtèFoto AWARD for the best reportage realized in 2008. The Jury will be composed of all the photographers who are exhibiting in Milan: Andrew Testa (PANOS PICTURES | London), Chris de Bode (PANOS PICTURES | London), Francesco Cito (PANOS PICTURE | London), Jean Michel Clajot (COSMOS PHOTO | Paris), Kadir Van Lohuizen (NOOR IMAGES | Amsterdam), Sergio Ramazzotti (PARALLELO ZERO | Milan) e Tomas Van Houtryve (Paris).

- 20th November @ Pop Solid (Milan | Italy): The appointment is with the final wrap-up vernissage that will take place on Thursday 20th November from 6.00pm to 11.00pm, an opportunity to meet event producers and organizers, photographers, journalists, photography amateurs and everyone who is willing to know more about the festival.

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-from 08th to 30th November | Ris-Orangis (France): The videoprojections produced for ArteFoto Festival by DJ DisOrientalist, Producer and Dj (Lahore | Sheffield), will be shown at the opening night of the group exhibition Out Off Paris Photo, Ris-Orangis (Francia), 08th - 30th November:

The videoprojections are always viewable on our web site at the page VIDEO!

-from 31st October 2008 to 15th January 2009 Valencia (Spain): We'd like to draw your attention on the exhibition American Perspectives by Pierpaolo Palazzo and Francesca Cao - 31st October - 15th January 2009 in Valencia (Spain)



Press Release 22nd April 2008

We, Angeliribelli Cultural Association (, have decided to organize possibly the first Italian festival totally devoted to photojournalism.

In France Perpignan’s Festival Visa Pour L’Image will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, and has become the main photojournalism festival in the world. Within our limits we are trying to build something similar in this outstanding corner of central Italy in order to guarantee 10 days of photography plunged in the gorgeous natural landscape that the region offers.

We consider a paradox that Italy hasn't got such a specific and unique festival, not only for photojournalists or photo amateurs, but also and especially for all those people who are eager to get a new perspective on our time.

Always in countertendency we’ve preferred the Italian province of Ancona to the big cities as location for the festival. Through this event we’d also like to promote and reveal the beautiful landscape offered by the 6 small villages that host the exhibitions. They are located on hills and each of them hide a rich historical and cultural architectonic heritage, 6 small jewels surrounded by vineyards, mountains and the sea. XIXth Century villas, old brick-kilns and renovated tuff galleries, stone arches, deconsecrated churches and ancient renovated theatres are some of the pearls that will host the exhibitions.

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31.10.08 | Alphabet City
01.09.08 | Marche
01.07.08 | CISinforma n.29
06.06.08 | Corriere Adriatico - Week End
03.06.08 | Corriere Adriatico (strillo)
01.06.08 | TVRS Magazine
01.06.08 | Corriere Adriatico
31.05.08 | IoDonna (Corriere della Sera Magazine)
30.05.08 | Messaggero
30.05.08 |
GO Marche
29.05.08 | TVRS
29.05.08 | ÈTv
29.05.08 | Giornalista Online
28.05.08 | Portobello's
26.05.08 | NSOE
26.05.08 |
26.05.08 | Alphabet City
21.05.08 | Portobello's
30.05.08 | GO Marche
19.05.08 | Gira Italia
17.05.08 | Jesi e la Valle
14.05.08 | Newstin - Attualità e Gente
13.05.08 | Nikon - Sguardi On line
12.05.08 | Camera Work
12.05.08 | Exibart
11.05.08 | Dispararte
09.05.08 | FotoUp
03.05.08 | Jesi e la sua Valle
30.04.08 | Portobello's
29.04.08 | Corriere Adriatico - Cultura e Spettacoli
25.04.08 | Vallesina TV
24.04.08 | Corriere Adriatico
24.04.08 | Il Resto del Carlino



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