ArtèFoto Festival PRESENTATION

The 5th edition of ArtèFestival Angeliribelli Lab looks at photojournalism.

Since its early days Angeliribelli Lab has always focused on communication and tried to deliver it through cultural events; after the previous editions dedicated to music and theatre, this year the attention will be drawn on photography, conceived as renewed means of primary communication.

The 2008 edition will focus on 7 high level exhibitions realized by internationally well-known professional photojournalists. All the photographic works show a deep impact on contemporary reality.
All the exhibitions will be set inside beautiful historical locations and picturesque landscapes all adequately lit up and organized.

As for all the previous festivals much importance is given to the locations that will play an active role in the event.
Both the photographers and other photography experts have been invited to hold workshops and|or round tables in some beautiful country-houses of the area close to the locations of the exhibitions.

Artè festival aims at becoming one of the main photojournalism festivals in Italy and in order to fulfil its aspiration Angeliribelli Lab seeks the cooperation of Boards, Institutions and private sponsorships that are willing to link their names to this kind of event.
Our wish is that the importance and dimension of this festival grow in the next few years bringing in a considerable impact on the territory both from an economic and tourist point of view.

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This year’s Festival edition is divided into 4 sections:

- The main body of the Festival with its 7 official exhibitions
- A series of workshops held by well-known photojournalists and photography professionals
- ArtèOff – a series of exhibitions scattered throughout the involved territory
- ArtèCafè @ Caffè Letterario in Moie – the official festival meeting point that proposes round tables, video-projections, music and theatre.




CIS Srl – In-House Providing Company – aims to identify and promote a cultural and tourist development policy within the territory of the 12 partner communes. Thanks to this mandate conferred by the communes, CIS plays the leading role within the ArtèFOTO – Photojournalism Festival project, in partnership with Angeliribelli Lab Cultural Association.

Unique in its genre on a national scale, the festival offers the visitors the opportunity of experiencing an incisive language for the interpretation and understanding of our time. Bound to live in the small world that we inherited from the last century, nowadays we live surrounded by a pandemonium of information that contaminates itself in an entwined deafening whirl.

Often the photoreporter is the one who manages to break this neurotic and omnivorous circle drawing our attention on a single fact, tickling our curiosity and consideration, leading us to share information, anxieties and hopes.

ArtéFOTO – Photojournalism Festival is a great occasion to meet some of the main worldwide known photographers right in the heart of the Esino Valley, in the Province of Ancona. The visitors will have the chance to analyse the photogrpahers’ works, learn from their expierence and freely confront on the big and complicated matters of our present.

Sergio Cerioni
CIS srl President


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